A Natural Stone Floor Kitchen Adds Style And Beauty To One Of The Busiest Rooms In Your Home

Picture of furniture on natural stone flooring
Natural stone flooring for your property

Natural stone offers many positive attributes in and around your home, but one room that will benefit tremendously from its use has to be your kitchen.

Here are some very positive reasons as to why your home will benefit from a professionally laid, natural stone kitchen floor:


Any busy household sees the kitchen in regular use. It receives heavy ‘foot-traffic’ and through the preparation, making and clearing up after meals needs regular cleaning.

A natural stone floor not only withstands the heaviest of use with ease, but is also very easy to clean. With regular, easy cleaning methods a natural stone floor is far more hygienic than other kitchen floor material.

In most cases a soft brush and wet mop will do the trick far more efficiently than when cleaning other types of kitchen flooring.

Quality that continues to stand the test of time:

Natural stone has been used for flooring since time immemorial.

Its timeless quality really does shine through. There should never be any concern that once professionally laid such a floor design will become outdated. Indeed, rather than going out of fashion, it remains constantly in vogue.

A definite touch of style:

When it comes to elegance and natural beauty there can be no better flooring for your kitchen than natural stone.

When professionally laid a natural stone floor will also open up your kitchen space and give it a far more spacious feel.

Unique design, individual choice:

The fact that natural stone is made from nature and has countless different shades running through it makes every piece unique.

No two cuts of natural stone will ever be the same. This uniqueness means the design of your kitchen will be one of a kind.

This wide range of textures and colours means that your choice of flooring can be made to fit perfectly with your preferred kitchen design.

Its originality will add a huge touch of style to one of the busiest and most functional rooms of your home.

Add natural stone worktops to further enhance appeal:

A natural addition to having a stone floor laid in your kitchen is to install natural stone worktops. Once again, the choice to match your floor is wide and this combination will further enhance the appearance of any kitchen space.

As with your natural stone floor, stone worktops are practical, hygienic, durable and very easy to keep clean.

Added value to your property:

Natural stone kitchen floors are very much in demand. This means that by having one laid you are adding to the attraction and value of your property.

Quite rightly, most home buyers consider a kitchen to be up there with the most important rooms in a house.

An attractive stone floor kitchen will certainly give added appeal to your home and increase its value.

Unique, stylish, timeless:

These 3 words really do sum up the reasons as to why a natural stone floor is perfectly suited to your kitchen.

Those looking for an original look which is both practical and attractive really will benefit from installing a professionally laid natural stone floor in their kitchen.

Why Build A Perimeter Wall Around Your Detached Property?

House with perimeter wall

There are a variety of benefits as to why those with a detached property should consider building a perimeter wall around their home.

Here are 5 reasons, starting with the obvious!


While secure door, window and entry locks should be viewed as essential home security elements, many also opt for alarms, trip lights and video camera installation to protect their home.

These are obviously positive steps and will certainly be enhanced through the construction of a perimeter wall around your grounds.

The general rules on perimeter walls for detached properties are that you do not need planning permission as long as:

  • The wall is not higher than 2 metres at any point on your owned land except in areas that adjoin either a footpath or road. In these areas the height of your wall is restricted to only 1 metre.


  • Listed building: If you live in a house that has been classified as a listed building it is most likely that ‘Listed Building Consent’ will be required.

As an aside, this goes for any building work you intend to carry out on such a property. To understand the exact requirements in terms of listed building regulations you should contact the local planning office.

A well-constructed perimeter wall will go a long way to preventing burglary attempts.

After all, even if thieves scale your wall, they then have to figure out how to get into your well-secured home and then how to get back over the wall with their hoped-for haul without arousing suspicion.

A perimeter wall will also give those living with you a far greater sense of security.


Everyone expects personal privacy while inside their homes and by constructing a perimeter wall you are, at the very least, partially extending this privacy to your outside spaces.

Garden areas will particularly benefit from this extended privacy while you relax in private or entertain friends and family.


This point is particularly relevant for those families with children, or those who have elderly relatives staying with them.

A perimeter wall and secured gated entrance will go a long way to ensure that no one wanders away from your house (or any opportunist thief wanders in!).

This sense of safety is not only relevant for your little ones and elderly guests. It will give you peace of mind that while in the garden and outside areas, they will be going nowhere else!

Added ambience:

There is a wide range of stone material and designs available for consideration when building a perimeter wall.

Taking the advice of an experienced stonemason will ensure that options are given to fit in with the period style of your home.

A professionally finished exterior wall around your property will certainly enhance its appeal and all-round ambience.

Added value:

Two additional benefits which should not be overlooked (please excuse this pun and the next one!) are:

  • Thanks to its all-round appeal, should you decide to sell your home, a perimeter wall could be the feature difference in securing such a transaction.
  • A well-planned, professionally built stone perimeter wall will certainly add value to your property.

Very positive reasons to have a perimeter wall built:

As can be seen, there are very positive reasons to build a stone perimeter wall around your detached home.

Security, safety, privacy, added ambience and increased property value all go to make the investment in such a project very worthwhile.

5 Front Walls To Suit Your Property

Front wall of house

The difference well-designed front walls makes to your property can be quite astonishing.

With attention to detail and a design that blends with the structure of your house it offers a unique feature to your main entrance, one that will be admired for many years to come.

Here are 5 designs to consider:

Low wall:

Those looking to give the impression of a ‘clean’ property outline where privacy is not a major concern will find a low-level wall the perfect choice.

As well as being an arresting feature in its own right it will allow your house front to be displayed in all its finery to neighbours and visitors alike.

Rock Wall:

It should be remembered that a front wall can be created in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. It does not necessarily need to be a solid structure.

Installing a rock wall is an ideal way to achieve a less formal structure. Large stones can be stacked on top of each other with the gaps filled with stones of smaller size, or a series of open spaces left between. These spaces can alternatively be filled with trees, flowers or plants. Alternatively, they can be left open as informal entrances to your property.

This cost-effective method of having a front wall constructed gives scope to use the type of stone material that suits your desired aesthetic.

Speak with your local stonemason to understand the different type of stone available and the appearance they offer.

Undulating Wall:

Those in search of a natural, highly creative style could look at the construction of an undulating wall. This type of design is a classic, beautiful option and will curve as desired through greenery and flowers. The impression created is one of timelessness.

Such a design can be achieved through the use of rough stones, cement blocks or traditional masonry materials and once lined with your preferred foliage brings a real touch of country elegance to your home.

Front Garden Wall:

Those with a love of gardening will surely appreciate this type of front wall structure. All you require is to have a fairly simple stone wall built and then pepper it with climbing plants that will seasonally blossom away from your front entrance.

Indeed, you can use your gardening skills to design a whole variety of visually attractive settings. An example of this is to add wall planters and/or vertical garden pots. By doing so you will create a unique front wall that will be a major feature of your property.

Brick Wall:

Not as boring as it may sound! Such a solid structure can be built to the height you require and the stone used can be matched to the style of your home.

For a classic look consider a naked brick finish while those with contemporary designed homes can benefit from a rendered finish.

You then have the option of including different sizes and colour of bricks, adding your choice of decorative brickwork and livening up your front wall to aesthetically match your property.

A well-planned front wall can make a world of difference:

There is no doubt whatsoever that will a little planning and thought you can complement your property through the construction of a professionally finished front wall. One that will really add character to your home.

If you are considering building new front walls, get in contact with us today

Restoring an Old Fireplace Adds Style To Your Home

restore old fireplace

Long gone are the days where a fireplace was needed in almost every room in a house, but there is an increasing trend to uncover boarded up fireplaces and restore them to their former glory.

A well-restored fireplace will add significant character to a room and in many cases can become the focal point of that living space.

An additional consideration for many homeowners is the added bonus of using it as an effective source of additional heating during those cold winter months.

Contemporary-style design:

There is a wide choice of contemporary designs to choose from and stone such as marble or brick and wood are often seen as materials of choice.

Those living in period (or period-style) property should carry out research and seek the advice of a qualified stonemason in order to establish the most suitable style of fireplace for their home.

Examples here would include Regency and Georgian properties. These homes favoured ornately designed marble or stone surrounds.

Standing the test of time!

Since medieval times stone has been the traditional material for fireplaces. Indeed, marble has been in use for well over 300 years.

The classic appeal and permanence of stone fireplaces is a major factor in choice with many homeowners opting for an impressive marble structure due to its standout appearance.

Which style of fireplace suits your lifestyle?

There is no doubt whatsoever that a respected stonemasonry company can advise and restore an old fireplace to its former glory. They should also be on hand to advise about onward maintenance in terms of keeping your fire surround clean.

This type of advice is invaluable when it comes to restoring an existing fireplace to suit your lifestyle.

Here are 5 types of fireplace material and the level of maintenance required to maintain their stunning looks:

  • Marble: Use soapy water to regularly wash your marble surface and once dried apply a good wax polish. This will ensure your marble surround is kept in good condition.
  • Brick: Any lightly accumulated dirt can be brushed away. If any surface area is heavily marked then a caustic cleaner can be applied.
  • Slate or Granite: Once again, regular brushing will remove dirt. However, if the surface becomes particularly marked then a liquid detergent should be applied.
  • Ceramic: Any ceramic surround can be washed down with diluted household cleaner in hot water.
  • Sandstone & Limestone: These materials are certainly worthy of consideration and can afford a beautiful effect, but you also need to bear in mind that they are the most difficult to maintain. This is due to the fact they absorb stains quite easily.

pH-neutral stone cleaners are one way to go, but do consult with your stonemason as to other tried and trusted cleaning methods.

Pleasing on the eye:

Restoring an old fireplace to its former glory will add style to your home. Rooms such as your main living area, kitchen and master bedroom are all major contenders for such an enhancement.

One other significant benefit that surely cannot be overlooked is the fact that such renovation work will add value to your property

This makes the restoration of old fireplaces a win-win situation for all homeowners!

If you are looking at restoring an old fireplace, contact one of our friendly advisors today who will be happy to help with your enquiries.

Add Value To Your Property Using Stone Masonry Repair Services

types of stone masons

Stone masonry is a profession that has been around for centuries. It takes skill and a lot of patients to become a fully qualified stone masonry. On top of this, experience with a diverse array of stone types will be an extremely important factor. If you are considering hiring a company to repair your structure In view of adding value to your property, then DIY patch up work will not be enough. Instead, you will need to invest in an experienced professional stone mason to get the right finish for your stone surfaces.

In short, repairing buildings, walls, and other structures with stone compounds require the proper due care and attention. Thereafter, the transformation from a shoddy looking stone structure to a well-maintained one will be pleasing on the eye.

Add Value To Your Home Via Fresh Looking Stone Structures

Fresh looking stone structures that have been maintained will add value to your property by giving it curb appeal.

On the other hand, if your stone structures are looking shoddy, then a property valuation assessor will mark these down as ‘not well maintained’. This means there is the possibility that any new owners of the property may need to spend money stone structure repairs.

Take a look around your property and look for stone structures that are not pleasing on the eye. Next, take pictures of these areas so you have a pictorial record of them. You can then send these pictures to a stonemason and get an estimate on how much it would cost for the company to carry out repairs.

Which Areas Of My Property Could a Stone Mason Help To Improve Its Value?

Stonemasons often come with an entourage of experts. These professionals can help repair chimneys to give them a more natural fit with your property. Stone window outskirts on old-style houses can be repaired and repainted. Old lead work can be replaced and maintained.

  • Stone window outskirts
  • Leadwork repairs
  • Chimney restoration
  • Brickwork
  • Fireplace restoration
  • Walls (Brick/stone)
  • Garden paths and walls

Indoors and outdoors Decor

Contrary to popular belief, stonemasons also work inside. It is not just the external structural elements of your property that makes a stone masonry company useful. Many Victorian homes require a stone mason because the indoor décor such as fireplaces as well as the walls in the home are made of some form of stone.

Consequently, if you are looking to add value to your property do not just pay attention to outside your home, but also look for areas inside your home that may benefit from stonemasons services. Fireplaces are always factored into an assessors audit when auditing the value of your home. Having a well-looked after fireplace will increase the value of your home.

Any stone mason will tell you that the return on your investment for fireplace repairs is always worth the expenditure.

Weighing all this up, the end goal is to spend your money wisely. You should have an expert stonemason either review photos or visit your property to address areas of concern. Get an estimate for every part of the property that can be improved. Make sure that you ask questions along the way with the most important being ‘Which parts of the house will add the most value to the property if work is carried out’?.

To speak to one of our expert team about your stonemasonry requirements, please contact us here.

Natural Stone Structures Can Add Huge Style To Your Property

Natural stone has been used since time immemorial to build structures. Its durability is there for all to see from ancient monuments through to modern commercial and residential properties that sport a very distinctive look.

Those looking to add to the appearance of their property while also adding to its value should consider this environmentally friendly material. Natural stone can achieve a variety of different effects to suit your personal taste and has the ability to add impressive style to your property.

Types of natural stone:

Natural stone is formed over thousands of years and mined from stone quarries. Due to its resilience and the durability mentioned above It is commonly used for architectural and construction projects.

The most common forms of natural stone you are likely to come across are:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble

In terms of its unique appearance, the popularity of natural stone is added to through its crystalline textured appearance and veins of many different shades that run naturally through the stone.

For use throughout your property:

It goes without saying that natural stone can be used for walls, walkways, pathways, patios and drives and one particularly popular application that should not be overlooked is its use in the kitchen as worktops.

Natural stone can be finished in a variety of different ways. By discussing the options available with an established stonemasonry company, you will gain a clear understanding of what finishes are available and which will best suit the effect and appearance you are looking to achieve in order to enhance your property.

Finishes can be:

  • Honed
  • Flamed
  • Polished
  • Tumbled

Natural stone installation:

Natural stone restoration can be adapted using different techniques and mechanical processes and is suitable for interior as well as exterior installation.

When recruiting the services of a professionally qualified stone mason you will find that natural stone fits seamlessly into almost any setting and structure ranging from contemporary through to traditional designs.

One other thing to bear in mind is a long-term benefit. Using natural stone to add a completely unique look to your property will not only look beautiful, it will last a lifetime and longer.

Environmentally friendly:

The thermal mass that natural stone offers provides natural insulation. Dependent upon the size of its structure it works to even out daily temperature fluctuations. This means that your home will remain cooler during the summer months and warmer during those cold winter spells.

First impressions count!

Regardless of whether you are looking to impress visitors (and give a pleasing effect on your own eyes each time you view your properties natural stone appearance!), or you are looking to add re-sale value to your property natural stone work achieves both.

While it cannot be denied that there is an initial investment in such a project, those taking the long-term view will certainly reap rewards.

The use of this material should be considered due to its durability, environmental friendliness and the beauty it brings.

The reality is that natural stone structures can add huge style to your property.

The Restoration Of An Old Stone Structure Is Worth The Effort

Homeowners with older properties, or new occupants moving into such a property may well find old stone structures that have long been neglected.

Think twice before getting rid of them:

Please think long and hard before removing or destroying any old stone structure in, or on your premises.

This is because there are some important reasons as to why the restoration of an old stone structure is worth the effort.

Historic importance:

You will benefit from carrying out research on exactly what period and what use your particular stone structure comes from.

All will have been created for a specific reason and relate to the period of construction. Many will have been for very practical reasons, but there is always the chance that you will discover a gem of long forgotten workmanship.

Of course, the internet can help in this regard, but local knowledge and a visit from a fully qualified, professional stonemason will make any discovery far more captivating.

Who knows, there may well be a very interesting story behind the origins of the structure in question!

Aesthetic appeal:

The restoration of a period stone structure will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. This could be an old fireplace and chimney breast in need of attention, an internal or external arch that has been left in a poor state, interestingly designed steps leading to the main property that are in need of attention, overgrown old stone walls or hidden pathways built from valuable stone.

By restoring such a structure, you are giving a focal point to a particular area(s) of your property, and seeking the services of a professional stonemason for an impressive restoration this could well mean the structure in question becomes a talking point during family and friends’ visits.

Adding charm to your property is something we should all search for, restored old stone structures can certainly achieve this.

Adding value to your property:

You may have no intention whatsoever of selling your property and that is completely understandable.

However, the aesthetic appeal achieved through old stone structure restoration is sure to have a positive effect on its appearance.

In the event you do decide to sell, this type of restoration will not only add value to your property, it could be the difference between closing the sale and missing out.

It is very often the case that those on the lookout for a new home what character, they want something different.

By restoring any old stone structure that is worthy of it, you will have the edge over similar properties on the market.

Not only that, you should feel rightly proud of the fact that you have taken the time and effort to retain and restore a distinctive part of the property’s history.

Beware of DIY attempts!

Unless you have experience with brickwork restoration you may do more harm than good. This point also relates to any old brickwork structure on your property that previous owners have tried to restore themselves. Please do not immediately dismiss it as being beyond restoration.

By contacting a fully qualified stonemason they will quickly advise on the state of the structure concerned and give an honest, no obligation opinion as to whether the restoration of an old stone structure is worth the effort.