Commercial Façade Building Restoration London

At London Stonemasonry we pride ourselves on our ability to not only undertake individual small works but take the role of main contractor on restoration projects such as building restorations on commercial and listed buildings to a high standard. We have a complete in house team of stone masons, master bricklayers, carpenters, renderers, lead workers and decorators. We have full insurances and all employees have CSCS cards and site managers are trained to SMSTS level.

We understand the value that façade renovations and stone restoration add to any property and we have years of experience and the skill sets required to restore all historic, natural stone and modern buildings to their former glory. We have a long history of transforming the facades of many historic buildings stretching across Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras with full repointing and restoration. We have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all good historical and conservation practices and craftsmanship to ensure each building of historic significance is repaired correctly. This will ensure that your building and investment is not only maintained but enhanced both structurally and aesthetically.

Building restoration is an integral part of the fabric our city and country. We view ourselves as the caretakers of your slice of history.

We undertake every aspect of stone restoration and renovate all period and historic homes with full repointing and restoration. Stone restoration in London is our usual haunt but we have also undertaken restoration projects nationwide.

We also offer a full range of brick repair and restoration works. This includes all types and styles of London repointing and restoration. We have worked on many projects that have required the use of numerous types and styles of bricks from yellow London stocks to wire cuts through to arch way red rubbers.

There is not an aspect of your project that we cannot complete for you to the highest of standards.

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If you are looking for building or stone restoration in London, please do get in touch today to arrange a meeting and we will happily create a bespoke schedule of works with full methodology so you can ensure your property is being restored to the highest of standards.

Church Restoration

Many of us at London Stonemasonry did our apprenticeships on Churches and Cathedrals, they hold a special place in our hearts. We grew up working on them, restoring and replacing worn and failing aspects, keeping the buildings alive for the next generations. We have worked extensively on both Church of England and Catholic churches. We are happy to discuss all proposed works to church buildings and undertake surveys to help in solidifying schedules of work in relation to necessary work quinquennial inspections.

Church restoration and Church renovation is an undertaking that we take very seriously. Whilst it is what we trained to do, we also take the responsibility of the upkeep of Churches personally. We believe that we are the caretakers of these historic buildings and the responsibility of keeping them healthy for the next generations is a task we take great pride in. We are experts in working from quinquennial inspection reports and have undertaken many projects that have been specified from them. We also undertake church roof repair.

Church repair has many, varying facets which allow us to use all of our skills and knowledge. From the geometry of setting out an arch to the mechanics of removing and replacing stones weighing a ton or more in situations and environments that would challenge Wren himself. The ever present reality of Church restoration is that we enjoy it and adore every project for the individual challenges and problem solving situations that arise. We have a combined knowledge and experience that is unbeatable and a work ethos that is unrivalled.

We undertake all aspect of Church renovation & restoration, from Church roof repair down to front steps repair and replacement.

The architectural heritage and history of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches are a huge part of the history of our country and we pride ourselves on playing a role in preserving them for the use and enjoyment of generations to come.

We have a complete in house team of Stone Masons, Master Bricklayers, Carpenters, Renderers, Lead Workers and Decorators. This allows us to undertake full works and projects on all ecclesiastical buildings, tombs and memorials.

If you want to find out more about our church repair services, please contact us today.

Residential Façade Brickwork Restoration London

Undertaking Facade repair on your property will give, not only your property, but you, a regeneration that is tangible. The lift that it will give to not only your building but your state of mind will be immeasurable. As well as the way the building restoration will bring you cheer, the benefits to the health of your home and investment are numerous. The undertaking of brickwork in London, stone restoration, brick repair and replacement and new decoration will breathe life back into a tired home. We guarantee that we do the best brickwork restoration in London!

Façade Restoration is not by any means only aesthetic, it is a hugely important part of maintaining a healthy building with structural integrity.  Whilst a Façade restoration will add value to your property for the aesthetic reasons, it will also let everyone know that you are keeping your building and investment in the best possible shape. Many estate agents that our previous clients have spoken with have unanimously stated that a restored and renovated façade added to the value of a property by more than two times the cost. A façade restoration is not a project that you undertake every year. When the works are undertaken correctly the longevity of the benefits is decades. Our team have undertaken numerous projects that incorporate brickwork restoration in London and the surrounding areas. We will fully evaluate and report to you the brick repair, stone repairs and decoration necessary to transform your home.

Stone and Brickwork Restoration London – What we do…


At London Stonemasonry we have a complete in house team of Stone Masons, Master Bricklayers, Carpenters, Renderers, Lead Workers and Decorators who all have years of experience. This allows us to undertake all façade repair and renovations to the high quality that we pride ourselves on. All brick restoration, lime mortar pointing, paint removal, damaged brick replacement, brick cleaning, brick pointing and stone cleaning and restoration undertaken.

We undertake all works in accordance with every current and up to date guide lines. We have an in depth knowledge of period and historical houses, understanding their design and how they were constructed. This allows us to work with the confidence and craftsmanship that your house and home deserves.

There isn’t any brickwork in London we cannot restore and repair. We are happy to meet with you at your property at a time that is convenient for you. We work all year round and will consider any and all works that you require our help with.

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So if you are looking for the best brickwork restoration in London, contact us today!

Bay Window Restoration and Re-build

Whilst Bay Windows are very much the integral part of any façade of a building, they do demand their own attention and consideration. At London Stonemasonry we have a long and rewarding history of bay window restoration and restoring and replacing bay and stone mullion windows to all original, period specifications and designs. We can undertake all design aspects of the works, detailing and precisely measuring neighbours’ windows to give an exact copy or from drawings provided.

A natural or cast stone window is not only aesthetically beautiful from the outside but they serve the functional purpose of allowing more light into the house. Many times a stone bay window has been removed from the fronts of houses, and in many cases, this is because the bay window brickwork had started to fail due to poor maintenance. We are very proud of our ability to reinstate these windows, hand crafted from the natural stone that they would have been made from originally. We can create stone mullion windows or windows that incorporate both stone and brick. We will also ensure that your new bay window ties in perfectly to the bay window brickwork so that the meeting of the new and old is seamless.

Not all stone bay windows need an entire rebuild and we have a huge knowledge and skill in bay window restoration. We can breathe life into worn and failing stonework by piecing in new elements of stone and repairing other aspects with restoration repair mortars. We offer a full service, from paint stripping your existing bay window to the restoration and redecoration. We will always give a complete breakdown of all aspects of the works within our quotation so you can see exactly what we are proposing. We will also provide you with a full methodology of the works so you can understand how we are undertaking the works.

We can also offer our own designs so that your bay window, whilst retaining all period correct design and ratios, has your own stamp and individuality upon it. In the Georgian and Victorian eras, it was very common for new home buyers to have input into the design of their new homes as they were being built. If you keep a keen eye out, you can spot how designs of bay windows and entrance ways can change on the same terraced road.

We have a full team of Stone Masons that can accommodate any and all requirements that you may have, this allows us to make the realisation of your bay window a reality.