Commercial facade building restoration, London

At London Stonemasonry we pride ourselves on our ability to not only undertake individual small works but take the role of main contractor on restoration projects such as building restorations on commercial and listed buildings to a high standard.

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Buildings we restored on Electric Avenue, Brixton
Pictured: Buildings we restored on Electric Avenue, Brixton

Commercial brickwork restoration

We have a complete in house team of stone masons, master bricklayers, carpenters, renderers, lead workers and decorators. We have full insurances and all employees have CSCS cards and site managers are trained to SMSTS level.

We understand the value that façade renovations and stone restoration add to any property and we have years of experience and the skill sets required to restore all historic, natural stone and modern buildings to their former glory. We have a long history of transforming the facades of many historic buildings stretching across Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras with full repointing and restoration. We have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of all good historical and conservation practices and craftsmanship to ensure each building of historic significance is repaired correctly. This will ensure that your building and investment is not only maintained but enhanced both structurally and aesthetically.

Building restoration is an integral part of the fabric our city and country. We view ourselves as the caretakers of your slice of history.

We undertake every aspect of stone restoration and renovate all period and historic homes with full repointing and restoration. Stone restoration in London is our usual haunt but we have also undertaken restoration projects nationwide.

We also offer a full range of brick repair and restoration works. This includes all types and styles of London repointing and restoration. We have worked on many projects that have required the use of numerous types and styles of bricks from yellow London stocks to wire cuts through to arch way red rubbers.

There is not an aspect of your project that we cannot complete for you to the highest of standards.

Unrestored building on Electric Avenue, BrixtonRestored building on Electric Avenue, Brixton
Pictured: Before and after brick and stone restoration, Electric Avenue, Brixton

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