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Undertaking Facade repair on your property will give, not only your property, but you, a regeneration that is tangible. The lift that it will give to not only your building but your state of mind will be immeasurable. As well as the way the building restoration will bring you cheer, the benefits to the health of your home and investment are numerous. The undertaking of brickwork in London, stone restoration, brick repair and replacement and new decoration will breathe life back into a tired home. We guarantee that we do the best brickwork restoration in London!

Façade Restoration is not by any means only aesthetic, it is a hugely important part of maintaining a healthy building with structural integrity.  Whilst a Façade restoration will add value to your property for the aesthetic reasons, it will also let everyone know that you are keeping your building and investment in the best possible shape. Many estate agents that our previous clients have spoken with have unanimously stated that a restored and renovated façade added to the value of a property by more than two times the cost. A façade restoration is not a project that you undertake every year. When the works are undertaken correctly the longevity of the benefits is decades. Our team have undertaken numerous projects that incorporate brickwork restoration in London and the surrounding areas. We will fully evaluate and report to you the brick repair, stone repairs and decoration necessary to transform your home.

Stone and Brickwork Restoration London – What we do…


At London Stonemasonry we have a complete in house team of Stone Masons, Master Bricklayers, Carpenters, Renderers, Lead Workers and Decorators who all have years of experience. This allows us to undertake all façade repair and renovations to the high quality that we pride ourselves on. All brick restoration, lime mortar pointing, paint removal, damaged brick replacement, brick cleaning, brick pointing and stone cleaning and restoration undertaken.

We undertake all works in accordance with every current and up to date guide lines. We have an in depth knowledge of period and historical houses, understanding their design and how they were constructed. This allows us to work with the confidence and craftsmanship that your house and home deserves.

There isn’t any brickwork in London we cannot restore and repair. We are happy to meet with you at your property at a time that is convenient for you. We work all year round and will consider any and all works that you require our help with.

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